Производство промышленного оборудования, отопления и вентиляции, слесарно-зажимного инструмента
Директор по продажам: +7 (341-41) 5-10-66 Отдел продаж: +7 (341-41) 3-80-72 Начальник клиентского отдела продаж: +7 (341-41) 5-78-80

For English version web-site click https://metallist-glazov.ru/  Persian: https://ir.metallist-glazov.ru/

METALLIST Glazov Plant has been established at 1899 and now it is one of the leaders among manufacturers of ventilation and heating equipment and the only one manufacturer of vices and anvils in Russia.

This time we export our products at 7 countries including European Union and Middle East.

Our plant is situated in Glazov city, Udmurt Republic, Russia. Positioning at Trans-Siberian Railroad gives opportunity of direct transportation to the largest international ports of Russia including Vladivostok, Snt.-Petersburg and Novorossiysk.

HOLDING QUALITY. High quality of our products is confirmed by Certificate ISO 9001-2015 and Certificates of Quality for Eurasian Economic Union.

SAVING TRADITIONS. We produce our Products on the base of GOST Standards - Technical standards established during Soviet Union times when quality was beyond all.